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Bankruptcy in Sarasota FL is like any other bankruptcy in the state of Florida.  Even so, it is always helpful to select an attorney in your local area.  Such as if you live in Sarasota, FL then try to find an attorney who practices specifically the area of bankruptcy in Sarasota, FL.
































How Does the BAPCA Impact Consumers Wanting to File  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?  Sarasota, FL                       News Article Report January 1, 2011

Generally, consumers who qualify for straight Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida are making under $39,832 a year (as of 1/1/11 means) per person,  and have no disposable income, in fact many have lost their jobs and have no income at all.   Prior to 2005, before BAPCA means testing, it almost did not matter how much income a person had, as long as the outgoing monthly debt payments were greater than the monthly income.  Post 2005 a "means" test was created. To better understand the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy "means test" enacted post year 2005, says a local bankruptcy attorney.



A couple Sarasota Bankruptcy Attorneys report that typical Chapter 7 candidate are being aggressively contacted by his/her creditors and the consumer does not have the ability to pay even the minimum payments each month. Chapter 7 tends to forgive any unsecured debt under these circumstances, (no matter how far the consumer is behind,) although secured debt, such as cars and homes have to be treated differently and usually made current at some point in the process, or the consumer can forfeit those assets also and discharge the remaining balance in Chapter 7.  Often when consumers are relieved of the unsecured debt, they are quickly able to better handle their secured debt and get current. 

Personal Bankruptcy Filings Fall After 6 Years in South Florida

January 3rd, 2012 by Marcia Heroux Pounds, Sun Sentinel Bankruptcy Filings in SW FL Fall for the First Time in 2011  Personal bankruptcies in South Florida fell in 2011, the first time in five years. But the decline may be deceiving...

January 3rd, 2012 | Read the story

Sun Sentinal

Consumer Borrowing Surges After Economy Improves

by Martin Crutchsinger, Americans are feeling confident enough in the economy to go back to a time-honored tradition taking on a little extra debt. Consumer borrowing surged in November by $20.4 billion, the Federal Reserve said Monday...

January 9th, 2012 | Read the story

Palm Beach Post Associated Press

Does Bankruptcy Protection Stop Creditor Harassment? Sarasota, FL News Article Report Continued

According to a few elite local Sarasota Bankruptcy attorneys, these days creditors will relentlessly call, e-mail and snail mail a consumer right to our office. Filing for bankruptcy protection does have the effect of stopping all creditor contact with the consumer who filed for protection.  Sometimes a person just needs a break from creditor contact until other revenue comes in [such as a settlement] or the consumer proceeds with discharge.  Most consumers have over $10,000 in credit card debt, some as high as $100,000. 

I Make Over $40,000 a Year, what Can I Do?

It depends on the consumers whole financial profile, and means testing, but typically a consumer earning more than $40,000 a year, (or the men at the time in FL as defined by IRS) could be eligible for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan which is an entirely different type of protection.   If you are thinking about Chapter 13, you may want then want to consider Credit Card Debt Settlement or Consolidation as an alternative to Bankruptcy Click here for information about credit card settlement and debt negotiation.

Profession's That cannot File for Bankruptcy...Now what?

People who opt for credit card debt settlement or consolidation for one of many reasons do not want to file bankruptcy or may not qualify for bankruptcy.  If you fall in this category you may want then want to consider Credit Card Debt Settlement or Consolidation as an alternative to Bankruptcy Click here for information about credit card settlement and debt negotiation.

How Long is a Bankruptcy on my Credit Report?

Consumers may be interested to know how long a bankruptcy stays on your credit report.  The fact a person filed bankruptcy is usually on their credit report for 10 years. They can work to establish good credit with many secured programs out there, but consumers need to be aware a few conservative banks can refuse to loan a person money if they ever filed for bankruptcy.  



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